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School Rescinds Ban On Flag Clothing

by   |  09.13.07  |  Current Events

US court rules that free speech trumps copyright (sometimes)

by   |  09.11.07  |  Current Events

Lawrence Lessig is one of the preeminent lawyers arguing copyright and free speech area. We’ll talk about this more when we get to that area. More »

Baumgartner Appeals Bolstered By Fieger Free Speech Ruling

by   |  09.10.07  |  political speech

Activist’s case a free-speech test

by   |  09.10.07  |  Current Events

More on the Coronado case. How does the Brandenburg standard apply? More »

Free Speech, Minus the N-Word

by   |  09.08.07  |  Free Speech, profanity

Sex, violence cram TV’s ‘family hour,’ study says

by   |  09.07.07  |  Current Events

24’s Jack Bauer is at the top of the list.

Church of England: Labour’s equality law denies Christians right to oppose homosexuality

by   |  09.07.07  |  Current Events

The British struggle with the freedom of religion issue. More »

Paris Hilton Sues Over Hallmark Card

by   |  09.07.07  |  Current Events

Brown widens review of impact media violence has on children

by   |  09.04.07  |  Violence

British regulation of media is different than that of the United States because their constitution is unwritten. This paragraph was interesting: More »

Video-game news: ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ delayed; is ‘Resident Evil 5’ racist?

by   |  09.01.07  |  Video Games

A good question for class discussion is “What level of protection should video games have?” That would be a good research topic, for that matter. More »