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A Comm Law Halloween Special

by   |  10.31.07  |  Current Events

Night of the Living Dead, made in 1968, fell into public domain because the producers failed to include proper copyright notice.

‘Family Guy’ in Copyright Hot Water Again

by   |  10.31.07  |  Current Events

Supreme Court Justices Doubt Claims Against Anti-Child Pornography Law

by   |  10.30.07  |  Current Events

The Supreme Court has struck down many of the statutes enacted to regulate online pornography and obscenity. We’ll see what they do with this one. More »

McCain-FeinGold Strikes Campus

by   |  10.29.07  |  Current Events

The Video Prince Doesn’t Want You to See

by   |  10.29.07  |  Current Events

Read through this whole thing. We’ll continue discussing copyright in class Tuesday. More »

Plan Would Ease Limits on Media Owners

by   |  10.18.07  |  Media Ownership

A SLAPP Against Freedom

by   |  10.12.07  |  Current Events

This topic will be on the Thursday exam, by the way. More »

Bloomington Paper: Degrees in Video Game Design "Kidnap American Education"

by   |  10.12.07  |  video game violence

Kane County paper settles libel suit with Illinois chief justice

by   |  10.12.07  |  Current Events

FCC Targets Video News Releases

by   |  10.12.07  |  Current Events