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Liberals, Conservatives and Free Speech

by   |  02.29.08  |  Current Events

Professor Volokh has a great blog post analyzing free speech decisions of justices. No need to read the comments. More »

New York Bids to Fix ‘Libel Tourism’

by   |  02.26.08  |  Current Events

Remember our discussion in class today regarding differences between British and American libel. More »

Former Novato student wins suit over free speech

by   |  02.21.08  |  Current Events

What this story doesn’t mention that it should is this from Editor & Publisher: More »

Mohawk chiefs file $60 million libel suit against NY Post

by   |  02.21.08  |  Libel

Judge rejects students’ free-speech suit

by   |  02.18.08  |  student speech

Website settles libel suit from former Gore fundraiser

by   |  02.18.08  |  Current Events

Can Musicians Stop Politicians from Using their Music?

by   |  02.15.08  |  Current Events

No need to read the comments there. More »

First Amendment and Anti-Muslin Speech

by   |  02.13.08  |  Free Speech

JRR Tolkien’s estate to sue New Line Cinema

by   |  02.12.08  |  Copyright and Trademark

UK Bars Olympic Athletes from Making Political Gestures at Beijing Games

by   |  02.10.08  |  Current Events