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Court dismisses libel suit against Foreign Policy | McClatchy

by   |  09.30.13  |  Libel

This is a helpful example of how SLAPP statutes are used to defend against libel suits. More »

Writing Across the Curriculum information

by   |  09.26.13  |  Supplemental Information

Because Comm Law has been designated a writing-intensive course, your research papers are reviewed anonymously by faculty members after the semester has ended to evaluate how well the university is teaching writing skills. More »

Facebook ‘liking’ is protectected free speech, federal court says – The Washington Post

by   |  09.18.13  |  Free Speech

I should post this to Facebook and see who “likes” it. More »

FTC to examine ‘sponsored content’ online advertising – The Hills Hillicon Valley

by   |  09.17.13  |  Commercial Speech

The regulation of commercial speech continues to hinge on defining commercial speech, which is a challenge in this context. More »

Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Media Shield Law

by   |  09.16.13  |  shield laws and the reporter's privilege

In general, I oppose shield laws because they treat journalists differently than average citizens and potentially lead to licensing-like situations, in which the federal government has the power to deny privileges based on behavior. More »

Senate Panel Oks Measure Defining a Journalist

by   |  09.13.13  |  shield laws and the reporter's privilege

Senate Panel Oks Measure Defining a Journalist More »

Judge: Lance Armstrongs memoirs arent lies, they’re free speech

by   |  09.13.13  |  Free Speech

Judge: Lance Armstrongs memoirs arent lies, they’re free speech More »

Pilot program for course evaluation

by   |  09.10.13  |  Free Speech

I’ve agreed to participate in an effort to improve faculty course evaluations this semester, so apparently you’ll be getting a message to that effect soon. Below is the statement Dr. Straughn, the dean of our college, has sent for me to pass along to you. More »

Abilene man indicted for allegedly recording video of teen girl illegally – Updated

by   |  09.06.13  |  Newsgathering, Privacy

An interesting local story related to our discussion of the state law on Tuesday. I think there’s an argument it’s unconstitutional. More »

Court of Appeals Reverses Ruling on Cariou v. Prince

by   |  09.04.13  |  Copyright and Trademark

I’m just getting around to posting this and reading the opinion. It’s a fair use case decided in April that appears to be useful to those artists who critique other artists’ work in their own work. We’ll add it to the case list and discuss it when we get to copyright and fair use. More »