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Question Mark Clears James Woods in Twitter Libel Case

by   |  01.26.18  |  Free Speech

In a ruling that hinged on the actor’s use of a question mark, a federal judge rejected claims that James Woods defamed an Ohio woman by identifying her on Twitter as a Bernie Sanders “agitator” wh… More »

Starbucks Appeals TTAB Decision | Klemchuk LLP

by   |  01.21.18  |  Free Speech

Examining attorney rejects Starbucks trademark after finding differences in the submitted trademark application

and specimen. More »

Texas blogger ‘La Gordiloca’ arrested on two felony counts | Daily Mail Online

by   |  01.21.18  |  Free Speech

Priscilla Villarreal, 32, a Texas news blogger known as ‘La Gordiloca,’ has been charged with felony counts of misuse of official information for revealing the name of a suicide victim. More »

Top 10 Libel Lawsuits from 2017 – iMediaEthics

by   |  01.21.18  |  Free Speech

Throughout the year, iMediaEthics has reported on numerous libel lawsuits and claims. The following is a round-up of ten noteworthy and important libel law More »

3-D Printed Guns May Be Headed to the Supreme Court: An Update – Lawfare

by   |  01.21.18  |  Free Speech

The Supreme Court is considering a cert petition on the constitutional implications of 3-D printed guns. More »

Second Circuit Sides With Albany Food Truck in Speech Restriction Suit | New York Law Journal

by   |  01.21.18  |  Free Speech

The Wandering Dago’s state and federal free speech rights were violated when state officials blocked it from participating in a vendor program solely because it used ethnic slurs in its branding the appellate panel ruled. More »

The State’s Revenge-Porn Arguments, Part 1: Is it Speech? – Defending People

by   |  01.21.18  |  Free Speech

Source: The State’s Revenge-Porn Arguments, Part 1: Is it Speech? – Defending People More »

Registration v. Application: A Copyright Circuit Split | Trademark and Copyright Law

by   |  01.19.18  |  Free Speech

Registration is not required for valid copyright ownership, but it is required before you can bring a copyright infringement lawsuit. Section 411(a) of the More »

Federal judge rules against city law requiring ‘no abortion’ disclaimers in pregnancy centers – Baltimore Sun

by   |  01.19.18  |  Free Speech

Baltimore officials cannot use a 2009 law to force a Christian pregnancy clinic to post a disclaimer stating that it refuses to provide abortions, a federal judge ruled this week. More »

Where Are the Supreme Court’s Opinions? – Volokh Conspiracy :

by   |  01.19.18  |  Supreme Court

Some Supreme Court watchers were hoping the justices might return from their winter break with a few opinions in decided cases. No such luck. This morning, when the Court convened for argument, it released orders from last week’s conference, but no new opinions.Thus far this term, the Supreme Court has issued only one opinion in an argued case, a brief unanimous opinion by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Hamer v. Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago. While we don’t ususally see a ton of opinions in the first half of a term, this is the slowest rate in a long, long time. According to data compiled by More »