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GATA Officers 2016-2017:

President, Kelsee McGee


Vice President, Tamsin Day

GATA Sponsors:

Jennifer Ellison

Jennifer Ellison (’04)

Amber Peck

Amber (McElyea) Peck (’96)

Betsey Craig

Betsey (Bolin) Craig (’85)

Sheila Hilton

Sheila (Booker) Hilton (’79)


  1. Ronni (Gregoire) Peck
    9:13 pm, 09.10.10

    Hi ladies! I received the Homecoming Breakfast invite in the mail today and it is so cute! I especially appreciated the note on the back, as I have often wondered what’s been going on with GATA.

    I live too far away and won’t be able to attend the breakfast (but look for me in 2013, my 10th reunion – wow!), but I am electronically sending along a donation.

    Though I’m nowhere near Abilene, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you ever need GATA alumni support and I’ll do WHATEVER I can! I’d love to help support the new class of flames each year – can they have alumni big sisters as well as current member big sisters? 🙂

    Also, my contact info on the alumni list is outdated. My married last name is now Peck and I live in Burbank, CA. My email is:

    I’m so glad to have found this blog and I hope to stay in touch with GATA more often from here on out through it!

    Ronni (Gregoire) Peck
    Sizzle Pledge Class ’00
    GATA PR Director ’01

  2. Jan Carruthers Stevens
    8:05 am, 09.18.10

    We are a group of proud GATAs from the class of 1964 having a beach retreat this weekend at Galveston. We are very anxious to hear how the GATAs did last night at bid night. We wish you success this year!

  3. Donna Smith Saffel
    9:52 pm, 09.19.10

    1449 Rosewood Abilene, Texas 79603
    1972 – 23 Skidoo
    I plan on being at breakfast. Congrats on the 41 Flames!!!

  4. Linda Blystone Dwyer
    9:42 pm, 09.20.10

    I was a pledge spring 1974 (I think). Please add my contact info to the website. I won’t be able to make it to homecoming but I will pray for the success of this year’s pledge class. Flame on, ladies!

  5. Rachel Wages
    1:59 pm, 09.27.10

    Hello Ladies!
    I’m in Abilene now – so if you need help with anything let me know. I’m really impressed with the efforts of the current members and excited about the new pledges. I’ll see you at breakfast!

  6. Gina (Horvath) Sawyer
    4:43 pm, 10.19.11

    Hey! I just found this link and my information needs to be updated. My last name is Sawyer now and my address is 3112 Pitchfork Circle, Belton, TX 76513. Thanks!

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