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Within the ACU General Education program, students take four courses, which we call The Core. Each one is taken by students in their freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years. The Core at ACU is the perfect foundation for a 21st-century education, regardless of your academic major or career path. These courses introduce and reinforce the broad knowledge and transferable problem-solving skills students need for success after graduation.

CORE 110:

Cornerstone examines ways of thinking across the disciplines.  It uses challenging, global issues to equip you with the skills of thinking critically, globally and missionally, preparing you to make a difference in the world.

CORE 210:

Human Identity & Community
Human Identity and Community explores the nature of the human self and the foundations of human communities by addressing real social issues faced by real people locally and around the globe.

BCOR 310:

The Search for Meaning
The Search for Meaning examines the values, ideas, and stories that guide human beings in the quest for discovering meaning. It gives you the opportunity to explore your own vision of “the good life” and its relationship to God.


The Capstone experience, taught in your major, requires you as a senior-level student to create a product of substantial complexity and quality that intentionally ties your co-curricular experiences with your major field of study.


Proving the Effectiveness of ACU’s Core

At ACU, we take teaching seriously. Therefore, we make a concerted effort to evaluate and improve the quality of the student experience.  Learn more about the research we’re using to assure that Core is a valuable learning experience for every student.

Cornerstone Student Survey Results

  • Thought-Provoking Ideas 76%
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills 64%
  • Memorize Information 41%


The General Education Core Curriculum (56 hours) provides the framework of a Christian liberal arts education, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to pursue your chosen major and to lead and serve throughout the world.

The Core (6 Hrs)

CORE 110: Cornerstone
3 Hours

CORE 210: Identity and Community
3 Hours



BCOR 310: The Search for Meaning
3 Hours – BCOR 310 is a combined class for CORE and Bible; the hours for the class are counting in the total for the Bible requirement.

Major Capstone
Hours count in your major

Science (6 Hrs)

Students may take two unconnected courses in different disciplines or one two-semester sequence of courses within a single discipline from the following list:

Agricultural and Environmental Science
AENV 130 Environmental and
Technological Science
ANSC 111 General Animal Science
ENVR 112 Plant Science
ENVR 233 Soil Science

BIOL 101 Biology: Human Perspective
BIOL 112/114 General Biology I/
General Biology I Lab
BIOL 113/115 General Biology II/
General Biology II Lab
BIOL 203 – Basic Biology for Teachers
BIOL 291/293 Anatomy and Physiology I/
Anatomy and Physiology I Lab
BIOL 292/294 Anatomy and Physiology II/
Anatomy and Physiology II Lab

CHEM 101 Consumer Chemistry
CHEM 113/111 Introductory Chemistry/
Introductory Chemistry Lab
CHEM 114/112 Introductory Organic
and Biological
Chemistry/Introductory Organic and
Biological Chemistry Lab
CHEM 133/131 General Chemistry I/
General Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 134/132 General Chemistry II/
General Chemistry II Lab

GEOL 111 Introduction to Geology

NUTR 120 Nutrition and Wellness

PHYS 101 Astronomy
PHYS 102 Physical Science
PHYS 110/111 General Physics I/
General Physics I Lab
PHYS 112/113 General Physics II/
General Physics II Lab
PHYS 203 Physical Science for Teachers
PHYS 220/221 Engineering Physics I/
Engineering Physics I Lab
PHYS 222/223 Engineering Physics II/
Engineering Physics II Lab
PHYS 330/331 Modern Physics/
Modern Physics Lab
PHYS/PHIL 378 History and
Philosophy of Science

Communication (3 Hrs)

COMS 211: Intermediate Speech and Rhetoric
3 Hours



General Education Sel. (3 Hrs)

General Education Selection
Choose 3 hours of courses from any menu listed above.

Bible (15 Hrs)

BIBL 101: Jesus: His Life and Teachings
3 Hours

BIBL 102: Early Christians: Life, Literature and Community
3 Hours

BIBL 211: Message of the Old Testament
3 Hours

BCOR 310: The Search for Meaning
3 Hours

Choose One:
Bible Selection

3 Hours

BHEB 471, 472
BIBH 380, 383, 432
BIBL 359, 364, 367, 452, 453, 460,461, 466
BIBM 340, 390, 395, 401, 403, 405, 413, 422, 434, 451, 480, 492
BIBP 352, 380, 478, 486, 487, 489
BIBT 332, 342, 379, 491
BMIS 240, 245, 371, 391, 420, 421, 458

Soc. Sci./Fine Arts/Hum. (6 Hrs)

Social Science/Fine Arts/Humanities

Choose 3 hours from the following list:

AGRB 261 Principles of Agricultural and Applied Economics
ECON 260 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 261 Principles of Microeconomics 

Family Studies
FAM 251 Introduction to Family Studies

GEOG 235 World Geography

History and Global Studies
GLST 120 Introduction to Global Issues
GLST 212 Introduction to Great Britain
GLST 214 Global Studies: People and Culture of Germany and Europe
GLST 217 South American Southern Cone: History and Culture
HIST 117 Civilization I
HIST 118 Civilization II
HIST 131 World History: Cultures and Connections since 1400
HIST 221 American History I
HIST 222 American History II
HIST 250 Introduction to American Ethnic and Women’s Studies

Journalism and Mass Communication
JMC 100 – Media Issues

Political Science
POLS 221 Government and Business
POLS 225 National Government
POLS 226 States and Federal System
POLS 227 Introduction to International Relations

PSYC 120 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 232 Developmental Psychology
EDUC 221 Educational Psychology

SOCI 111 Introduction to Sociology

Choose 3 additional hours from the list above (in a different discipline) or from the list below:

ART 101 Introduction to Art
ART 221 Art History: General Survey I
ART 222 Art History: General Survey II
DSGN 221 History of Architecture and Design I
DSGN 222 History of Architecture and Design II

MUSM 131 Music in World Cultures2
MUSM 132 Music Literature2
MUSM 230 Survey of Music in Western Culture
MUSM 231 Survey of Jazz
MUSM 232 Survey of Popular Music
MUSM 233 Survey of World Music

PHIL 379 Philosophy, Religion and Science
PHIL 380 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 451 Philosophy and Social Justice

THEA 220 Introduction to Theatre

Mathematics (3 Hrs)

MATW 120/020 or
MATH 120 or higher 
3 Hours

English (9 Hrs)

ENGL 111: Composition and Rhetoric
(or ENGL 106/006 and 107/007)
3 Hours

ENGL 112: Composition and Literature
3 Hours

Sophomore (200-299) Literature
(Includes literature in foreign language)
3 Hours

Foreign Language. . . (3 Hrs)

Foreign Language and Cultural Awareness

Foreign Language
Foreign Language (Spanish, German, French, Latin) 111 or higher

Bible – Missions
BMIS 245 Understanding Culture for Global Service
BMIS 371 Religion in Global Contexts
BMIS 391 Service in Global Contexts
BMIS 420 Gospel in a Multi-Cultural World

Biology, Chemistry and Communication Science and Disorders
BIOL/CHEM/COMP 308 Global Healthcare

Business Administration
BUSA 419 International Business

COMS 345 Intercultural Communication

ECON 438 International Poverty and Development

EDUC 211 Educational Foundations and Multicultural Perspectives
EDUC 476 Effective Teaching Strategies for Language Learners

ENGL 470 Multicultural Literature

GEOG 354 Cultural Geography

History and Global Studies
GLST 120 Introduction to Global Issues
GLST 212 Introduction to Great Britain
GLST 214 Global Studies: People and Culture of Germany and Europe
GLST 217 South American Southern Cone: History and Culture
HIST 117 Civilization I
HIST 118 Civilization II
HIST 131 World History: Cultures and Connections since 1400
HIST 250 Introduction to American Ethnic and Women’s Studies

MGMT 419 Global Entrepreneur

MKTG 419 International Marketing

Social Work
SOCW 329 Diversity, Power, and Oppression

Kinesiology (2 Hrs)

PEAC 100 Lifetime Wellness and 1 PEAC activity or 2 different PEAC activities


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