Former ACU graduate partners with ACU Press to publish Re/Entry

In January of 2014, Josh Ross (’03) traveled to Barrow, Alaska, to interact with a community that experiences over sixty-five days of darkness every winter.  His time there revealed how essential the principles of reentry, roots, and rhythm are to our survival and health far beyond the Arctic Circle. Josh shares these insights in his newest book, Re\entry: How Pain, Roots, and Rhythm Guide Us from Darkness to Light.

Josh shares, “I spent eleven days at the northernmost point of Alaska where the sun sets in mid-November and doesn’t return until mid-January.”  

As vital as the message of entry is to the Christian faith, many Christians are also desperate for a message of reentry after many seasons of doubt, confusion, bondage to the past, severed relationships, loss, depression, and stress. From places of darkness and shadows, God comes and reveals himself as the one who enters into our pain both as a companion who walks with us through our trials and as the one who is eager to eventually lead us into a healthier place.

Chapters include: “Eleven Days above the Arctic Circle,” “Walking in the Dark,” “Captured Alive,” “When Grief Walks,” “Jesus on Repeat,” “Establishing Roots,” “Navigating Life’s Transitions,” “Healthy Roots Produce Joy,” “Reimagining Solitude,” “Reimagining Community,” “Reimaging Justice,” “Reentry Matters for You,” and “Reentry Matters for the World”.  Click here to view a video about Re/entry

Caleb Kaltenbach, Lead Pastor of Discovery Church and author of Messy Grace and God of Tomorrow says this about Re\entry, “Josh Ross leverages his own life experiences to help us see God’s grace as the focal point of life. When our world crashes and despair attempts to steal the little hope we have left, it’s refreshing to know that God’s grace means we’re never hopeless.”

Jason Fikes, Director of ACU Press, shares, “The press is delighted to be adding Re\entry to its list of books exploring issues of Christian living and thought.”   Re\entry, with its message of hope, was released September 17 by Leafwood Publishers, an imprint of Abilene Christian University Press, and is available online via Amazon and as well as independent Christian bookstores across the country.

Josh Ross (’03) is the Lead Minister at Sycamore View Church in Memphis, Tennessee. He is married to his best friend, Kayci, and they have two boys, Truitt and Noah. He is the author of Scarred Faith and coauthor of Bringing Heaven to Earth. He loves playing and watching sports, vacationing with his wife, and eating authentic Mexican food. He is a recovering Texan who is learning to thrive in Memphis with a church committed to restoring justice, opportunity, and dignity in Memphis and beyond.