On Nov. 7, Brown Library hosted CreativeU, a day celebrating ACU as a creative community. Throughout the day, students regularly combined thoughts and things to make something new, unique or useful.

More than 200 participants gathered in the Maker Lab, Learning Studio, and Innovation Foundry during the day to see Jesica Sanders and other artisans from the community demonstrate their use of Adobe software and other tools for creative work.

Students registered to use Adobe Creative Cloudand heard Rob Thomas (’96) share his experiences as an artist and an entrepreneur serving churches by making short films. Creative competitions produced many great designs for t-shirts and bookmarks, and contest winners Daniel Tipia and Denver Gravitt were awarded an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

CreativeU included 15 workshops with topics ranging from 360 video to laser cutting, and from data visualization to woodworking, showing and sparking creativity at ACU.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and stay tuned for an invitation to ACU faculty, staff and students to join in CreativeU 2018.