Diversity 101

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Today the OME had the opportunity to go to one of the Business Management classes to talk about diversity within business, most importantly diversity within life.

We mentioned that the ability to read other people’s emotions (emotional intelligence) is important to find diversity in a place, as well as appreciative inquiry (where you appreciate others opinions/values/etc).

We want to know what students think and want in order to do a better job at promoting diversity within the university, and not only diversity, but unity in that diversity. Like George Pendergrass mentioned today, once you see and learn from the differences of other people it will only give you limitless possibilities to the things you do in life.

Another idea to keep in mind: We are all made in the image of God, therefore God is in all of us. So why do we just stay in our natural comfort zones and “appreciate” those who are similar instead of embracing God’s creativity by learning from other people? I think if we truly did this we would grow so much and become better people and in turn it would affect our school, workplace, etc.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Cory Moore
    9:27 pm, 10.24.10

    I believe diversity is like change within a business. To improve the business it must make residual changes to at least uphold if not exceed the business’ standards, services, products, and client satisfaction. Diversity within our society means accepting each others’ heritage, race, sex, age, and so forth. By accepting diversity, our society becomes stronger, more dynamic, and as cliche’ as it sounds, safer. God made us in the image of him internally, therefore we should not judge one another or assume things based on what we may see externally.

  2. Travis Stevens
    10:37 pm, 10.24.10

    I feel like diversity is a great thing in this world. Ideas are what lead people, cities, and nations to greater things and if we begin to combine those ideas from individuals all around the world, our future will look very bright. With diversity and getting to know other people, one can begin to truly understand and relate to the world around them. The time it takes to get to know someone is nothing compared to the lifetime of memories you will have of that person. I think that is why in business today, many companies are becoming more diverse and reaching out to the communities around the world so that their businesses can expand and grow to great measures. Like when Mr. Pendergrass talked about the tower of babel I think he nailed it. If we as a people come together and work towards a common goal, there is very few things we cannot achieve.

  3. George Pendergrass
    10:06 am, 10.25.10

    I once heard a comment from an instructors at a junior college I attended. He said, “the life of any campus is always in the hands of the students that attend that institution”. I truly believe this and have come to see that there is much truth in this statement. However, the greatest truths on earth are merely random thoughts and idealistic dreams until people believe them. Our aim in the OME is to help facilitate an environment of cultural inclusion and social cohesiveness. However, this can only occur when our students believe they have the power to change their campus.

  4. Amanda McVey
    3:02 pm, 10.25.10

    I really enjoyed hearing from the OME. I think now is the perfect time for college students like me to hear about the importance of diversity. The world is becoming more and more globalized all the time. Today, business is not limited by a country’s borders. It’s so crucial for us to understand the magnitude diversity. I agree with Mr Pendergrass that social cohesiveness is something we must practice now if we are to practice it in the business world.

  5. Sarah Nasi
    3:17 pm, 10.25.10

    I think that diversity is a wonderful thing and everyone is diverse even if you are in the same culture. The blog said that we are all made in God image and it is true we are all Him He created us and we all need to accept each other and move forward in cultures. We can all learn from each other and we can gain knowledge from others. So, I think diversity is something to
    embrace. Not only can we learn from others in our daily life but in the work place as well. People bring a lot to the table and in the work place people know a lot and there are some that can learn more with diversity everyone can learn more and become stronger when there are others helping you and if you allow people to come in your life then everyone will benefit. You have to have emotional intelligence to be a powerful person and that means to be able to understand others in a way that you can know how to talk with them. You get there emotions and also you don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the emotionally aspect. You keep it professional but at the same time try to understand how to go about situations respectfully.

  6. Brett Batchelor
    3:31 pm, 10.25.10

    I like Helga’s point about how we are all made in God’s image because it’s easy to forget this when we see someone that looks different than us. If we treat everyone as equals and embrace diversity especially in the workplace, we can get a lot more done. Getting different perspectives from people with different backgrounds and experiences can be very beneficial because it can lead us to new ideas and better ways to run our business.

  7. Chris Randell
    8:29 pm, 10.25.10

    I agree with many of the ideas that have been put out already, that we are all made in God’s image, and that we should embrace that WE are the church. Realizing the value in one another doesn’t start with the external, but the internal. As management we should be humble and see the value in those around us, as we draw out the greatness in our workers and those around us in our communities. As we do this, we will create an atmosphere in our workplaces that are open and accepting and that do not discriminate for any reason. As we have learned, a business can only excel as high as the top management will let them. Let’s become top-managers who release others to embrace a loving work environment.

    • Helga Sierra Castillo
      10:40 am, 10.26.10

      Thank you for reminding us of the fact that we must humbly approach others. I think that this is very important to truly embracing a kingdom culture.

  8. Jane Palmer
    8:59 pm, 10.25.10

    I love and appreciate diversity. I enjoy learning about other people and their cultures; it’s just fascinating to see God’s creativity, in that He could have made us all look the same, but he chose to make us look different but all look like Him. If everyone was like me the world would be quite boring. In the business sense one has to know their costumer, what they like, dislike and what attracts their attention. The world isn’t getting any bigger it’s getting smaller by the day and it’s being filled with people different from ourselves. Lets be the change that we want to see, in our personal and professional lives. Go say hello to someone that is different from you just for the heck of it; you can do it I believe in you.

  9. Bobby Rivers
    12:44 am, 10.26.10

    A lot of good points are made on the need to recognize diversity. In response to what Helga said, it is easy to stay in a comfort zone because it reaffirms our own values and culture. Yes, the start to growing your emotional intelligence is “internal”, and immersing yourself in a different culture is not only expanding your worldly horizons, but a reflection of your own beliefs and values. One must critically analyze how culture, religion, etc. are interrelated to not only understanding another persons motivations and beliefs, but also your own. That is why it is absolutely crucial that one must not actively, but PROactively find opportunities to separate yourself from all that you know, and test the values that you know and hold in our immensely large and diverse world. And the good news is, there’s only one person you can praise and blame for how far you will reach.

  10. Katie Beth Ware
    7:11 am, 10.26.10

    I really enjoyed talking about emotional intelligence and it’s relevance in understanding others in and outside of the workplace. Before OME came to speak I had heard the term “emotional intelligence” thrown around in conversation, but never paid much attention to its meaning. The idea of having a keen ability to watch and understand peoples’ emotions is something quite profound. Developing the capacity to understand and manage your feelings and deal effectively with others, no matter how great the differences, is something so incredibly beneficial to people in the business world and interesting to me as a student. I throughly enjoyed discussing this topic.

  11. Helga Sierra Castillo
    10:39 am, 10.26.10

    I think an important point has been added, and that is the fact that we need to understand our own inner beings in order to understand others. Many times understanding ourselves seems like a hard task because being real with ourselves can seem like a scary place, but nonetheless it will bring the best out of us.
    It is definitely intriguing yet beautiful at the same time to see how each person has their own opinions and views on life.

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