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Computer Science (BS)

Computer Science is a well-established degree that prepares students for careers in scientific computing or software engineering, or for continued study in graduate programs. If you enjoy problem solving, logic, math and the challenge of improving what computers can accomplish, then consider a degree in computer science.

Broad-based training in programming languages (C++) and a variety of traditional and specialized computer science subjects, following Association for Computing Machinery recommendations

Flexibility to concentrate on scientific computing, software engineering, or game development

An excellent foundation for graduate school and high earning potential after college

Areas of Concentration:

  • Computing Theory – examines the theoretical foundations of computer science, including language design, algorithm analysis and computability. This concentration is recommended for students who will pursue graduate work in Computer Science.The undergraduate Computer Science – Computing Theory program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC) of ABET.
  • Game Development – this concentration prepares students to develop software and applications for the gaming industry.
  • Software Engineering – prepares students for a more practical implementation of computer science skills, establishing a foundation to develop software and applications for consumers and industry.

Career Fields:

  • Applications programming
  • Software development/engineering
  • Computer forensics, artificial intelligence, and related areas
  • Game development