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Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model contains five environmental systems which includes microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macorsystem, and chronosystem. The below image shows Bronfenbrenner’s five systems, and their relationship importance, with the microsystems being the smallest and most immediate to the macrosystem which is the largest and most distal. More »

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  1. Morgan Myrick on Triangulation
    2:55 am, 12.09.09

    Triangulation has definitely victimized me at multiple times during my life. I’m sure this comes as no shock to anyone seeing as how many times my parents have been married and divorced! I know all too well how hard it can be to be put in the middle and forced to deal with the overwhelming amount of emotions and confusions caused by this system. I do believe that triangulation can be done with objects rather than people. Couples use cars, money, homes, and other inanimate objects against one another all of the time. I have seen my dad start multiple projects during times of seperation from my mom that he used to keep the focus off of being alone.
    I don’t think that triangulation is always negative but I do think that it has to be controlled on a regular basis because it could change on a moment’s notice. However, I think that it is almost necessary to incorporate it at certain times and it can often be positive in helping families get through rough times if used in an appropriate way.

  2. Morgan Myrick on Emotional Cutoff
    2:10 am, 12.09.09

    I agree with Tommy on the fact that cut-off and independence are based on the situation, an individual’s emotional state, and the family’s reaction to it. Depending on why a child leave home or separates themself from their family would determine which of these best describes their current relationship status with their family of origin. Being cut-off from their FOO because of negative circumstances will probably create negative consequences that will leave the individual feeling very disengaged. However, if a person is merely seeking independence for the purpose of bettering themselves and following a personal desire, they will become differentiated in a healthy and productive way that still allows them to maintain healthy relationships with their FOO.
    I also believe that their is a lot of gray areas in why a person would want to become disengaged from their family so whether or not their decision is positive or negative would have to be on a case by case basis. Of couse a person’s emotional and physical well being is always of the upmost importance so anything that puts them in danger must be stopped. This goes for spiritual state as well. If being a part of a group or family goes against what someone believes in, I think that they are well within reason to cut themselves out of whatever is going on.

  3. Morgan Myrick on Enmeshment
    1:51 am, 12.09.09

    To a certain degree, I feel that we were meant to be slightly enmeshed….in a healthy way of course! We are commanded to love and view one another as sisters and brothers making us all enmeshed into some sort of family. We are also instructed to come together every week for worship. So I kind of feel that a little enmeshment is healthy. (If not, we definetly need to inform someone about this program and what it’s doing to us!). I also think that I agree to some small extent that the churches are starting to look past welcoming only individuals with the same beliefs. It seems as if a little bit more individuality is being allowed nowadays as the doors are being held open in COC services to those who like to tap their foot during songs. ;)I think that this is a very big step in the right direction as I have never been big on someone being rejected from or pushed out of a church because of their difference in opinion. Seems to me that being different would extend more of a welcome to them because it opens the door for members of the church to minister and witness their faith and beliefs through their own walks with God. Leading by example and through unconditional love will always be more effective, it’s basically lik trying to capture a bear using honey instead of your hands :)!

  4. Morgan Myrick on Resistance
    6:29 pm, 12.08.09

    Well….I spent six years as a manager in retail so I have to agree with Kelsey that resistance is a part of every profession! I always try to tell people I’m right and they’re always resisting the urge to believe what I’m saying!!!
    Seriously though, resistance is something that I have started to really notice in all of my different relationships. Friends trying to date people they shouldn’t, family members not letting their children grow up, etc. I am seriously starting to worry! I have realized though that resistance is directly linked to fear. The issue isn’t really about the change in most cases, it’s about change and fear of the unknown. When people are resisting therapy or intervention, I would be tempted to think there is a deeper underlying problem that needs attention and would probably try to focus on what their real needs are. Of course if everyone would just listen to me this process would be a lot smoother!

  5. Great post Tommy!
    1) My family was highly impacted by several different exosystems such as; our church, sports groups were were involved with, and co-workers of my parents. All of these had a huge impact on my family in a variety of ways. They helped us come together and grow in our faith, recreational activities, and times spent together in a social setting.
    2) My family didn’t do a whole lot of watching t.v. together but the few times I can remember doing it was spent on Full House and Growing Pains. Full House had a big impact on us because my parents were single and trying to raise three kids with the help of various family members. I think that watching Danny Tanner trying to help his kids handle the pressures of growing up and all of the situations that surround it, helped my dad with my siblings and I.
    3) I don’t know if exosystems necessarily make up a family’s internal system but I definetely think that they play a part in them. I know that I have been extremely influenced by different groups I have been a part of and don’t know if I would be the same person that I am today had I not endured the same experiences.

  6. Morgan Myrick on Mesosystems
    11:46 pm, 12.06.09

    Thanks for all of your comments! I think we all agree that a child is deeply impacted by their mesosystems and that it is somewhat shocking to think about how much of an influence we all have on them! Your insights are all great and I know that as we go into our lives and jobs we are going to be thinking about how we affect others & this little blog posting of mine will come back to bless you :).