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    I’m looking forward to meeting each of you this next week and working through some truly great works of literature that have shaped and changed the world. I can’t believe they pay me for this!DSC00023sm

    Sometime this week, come on into the class blog and look around a little.┬áBefore we begin Beowulf, I’m asking you to post a short introduction to the Class Introductions discussion thread in the sidebar. You’ll respond to several questions.┬áNo one will be marking your responses up with a red pen (we’ll save that for later!), but this will give us a chance to get to hear a little more from you than we’ll have time for in class this week.

    *Before you post, I’m asking you to Add Your Own Avatar. This profile photo will appear on class blogs, so please choose a mugshot that helps us (mainly me) connect names with faces. (For information about gravatars, see ACU Blogs.)

    The first week of any semester can be disorienting, so if you have questions about the class blog feel free to post that to the Unit 1 Discussion Thread.
    For now, you’ve already impressed me with wisdom beyond your years in making two key decisions: returning to ACU and signing up for this class. I look forward to learning with you and from you this semester,

    Kyle Dickson

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