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A Student’s Prayer

by   |  04.30.10  |  Final Exam Essay

As we enter finals week, I wanted to offer these words by St. Thomas Aquinas as a prayer for the class.  “A Student’s Prayer” was copied below from

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Annotating the Reader Packet

by   |  04.28.10  |  Final Exam Essay

Instructors cannot provide feedback to students or comment on the works in the reader packet for the exit essay.  However, students can work together to analyze and annotate the reader packet when preparing for the exit essay. To facilitate a class discussion on the reader packet, please respond to the following questions on your assigned literary work from the packet as a comment to this blog post:

  1. Include the title of the work assigned to your group and names of group members
  2. Describe the identity of the speaker/narrator and provide some evidence to support this claim.
  3. What is the central message (argument) of this work? Or, what is the work trying to persuade an audience to do or think about?
  4. What is the rhetorical (persuasive) strategy of the argument?  How does this work accomplish its persuasive goals?
  5. What specific evidence does the work use to make its argument?
  6. Who might be the work’s intended audience?
  7. What is the tone of the language used in the work (the emotional quality of the language)?
  8. How would you describe the style of the language used in this piece (casual, formal, sophisticated, lyrical, etc.), and how does this language style help the work accomplish its purpose?

Final Exam Exit Essay Advice

by   |  04.23.10  |  Final Exam Essay

To begin preparing for the final exam essay, I would like everyone to read the following 6-page excerpt from A Brief Guide to Writing from Readings titled “Timed Writing Assignments” before class on Monday.

On Monday, the class identified the following tips on writing timed essays from the reading linked above: