MSSW Neighbor Support Service Research

First year Master of Science in Social Work students were at CitySquare in October to launch their year-long research project.  ACU’s MSSW program (CSWE accredited) is distinguished as an evidence based practice curriculum integrating faith in practice.  This means that ACU MSSW students are engaged in hands-on research that identifies the best practices in the field.   

This year ACU MSSW students will be evaluating the effectiveness of the Efforts To Outcomes (ETO) database in showing the success/progression of neighbors in the case management program. The second priority, which follows closely and is potentially intertwined, is analyzing the existing data entered into the ETO system to see how case management has helped neighbors in the Community Resources program.

The research will be instrumental in helping CitySquare ensure the effectiveness of their Neighbor Support Services.


  1. Would your students want to study the effectiveness of introspection and forward planning in motivating students from Lincoln High School toward achievement? See step #2 at

    It is the foundation for social work that appears to be making this system work for motivating students toward achievement.

  2. Wayne Paris

    Bill, thanks for your note but I think that is outside the focus of my current class. However, please send me a note and let’s chat. We may have some opportunity to look at something for next year? Look forward to chatting. Wayne Paris, PhD