Abilene Code of Ordinances § 23-126 and § 23-127 Signs and Billboards

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Sec. 23-126. Goals.

In order to assure continuity and effectiveness in the regulation of signs, the City of Abilene has adopted the following goals to be attained by these regulations:

(a) Sign regulation in the City of Abilene will recognize and appreciate the value of advertising and signage to a successful business climate.

(b) Sign regulation in Abilene will address contemporary and future needs of Abilene by responding to:

1. Public safety;

2. New patterns of growth;

3. More flexible zoning and land use practices;

4. The quality of the visual environment.

(c) Sign regulation in Abilene will be understandable to the public in order to encourage maximum voluntary compliance.

(d) Sign regulation in Abilene will be simplified to the greatest extent possible so as to improve enforcement and compliance.

Sec. 23-127. General statement of purpose.

It is the purpose of this subpart to further those goals of the City of Abilene set forth in section 23-126 and to provide uniform sign standards which promote a positive city image reflecting order, harmony, and pride, thereby strengthening the economic stability of Abilene’s business, cultural, and residential areas. Objectives to be pursued in applying specific standards are as follows:

(a) To identify individual business, residential, and public uses without creating confusion, unsightliness or visual obscurity of adjacent uses;

(b) To assure that the size, scale, height, and location of all signs are directly related to the size and character of the sites upon which the signs are located; and

(c) To assure that all signs, sign supports, and sign bases shall be so constructed and designed to provide for safety.

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