YouTube faces existential threat from the EU’s new copyright directive

by   |  05.12.19  |  Free Speech

EU member states still have two years to write the vague language of the directive into law, and YouTube is not done pushing back on it. More »

San Francisco police raid home of journalist to find who leaked Adachi report – The San Francisco Examiner

by   |  05.12.19  |  Free Speech

Police raided the home and office of a freelance journalist Friday morning. More »

World Press Freedom Day and a History of the First Amendment | Time

by   |  05.03.19  |  Free Speech

It wasn’t until 1919 that the Supreme Court weighed in for the first time to say what this right expressed in the First Amendment really means More »

Joe Arpaio Called “Libel-Proof” As CNN, HuffPo and Rolling Stone Push for Lawsuit Dismissal | Hollywood Reporter

by   |  04.21.19  |  Free Speech

Huffington Post reported the convicted former sheriff went to prison. Although he didn’t, the publication says the gist was substantially true. More »

Swatch has filed a legal case against Samsung for trademark infringement – News

by   |  04.21.19  |  Free Speech

The Swiss watchmaker group Swatch has filed a complaint with US legal authorities to the effect that Samsung has impinged on its trademarks. This is connected to the design of some downloadable watchfaces for Gear-line smartwatches. The company will look for hundreds of millions of US dollars in compensation for this breach. More »

UK porn block will completely BAN some adult sites even if you’re over 18 – as Government slammed for ‘censorship of internet’

by   |  04.21.19  |  Free Speech

BRITAIN’S upcoming “porn block” could see some adult websites banned for all Brits – even if they’re older than 18. The block is designed to prevent minors accessing XXX web… More »

Free Speech Puts U.S. on ‘a Collision Course’ With Global Limits on Big Tech –

by   |  04.21.19  |  Free Speech

When Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook called for regulating harmful internet content in an opinion column last month, Republicans in Washington expressed outrage that he was calling on the government to regulate speech. More »

Student forced to wipe ashes off forehead in front of classmates | KTXS

by   |  04.19.19  |  Free Speech

A fourth grade student said he was told by his teacher to wipe off the ashes that were on his forehead to mark Ash Wednesday. William McLeod attends school in Utah. He said that when he went to school on Wednesday, classmates asked about the ashes. “I said ‘I’m Catholic. It’s the first day of Lent,'” he said. It wasn’t long before a teacher approached him about the mark. “The teacher walked over and said like, ‘what is that? ‘ And I was like it’s Ash Wednesday and I’m Catholic. More »

Mom Says She Was Shocked Pole Vaulter Son’s Image Was Fraudulently Used to Get Media Mogul’s Child Into USC | Inside Edition

by   |  04.19.19  |  Free Speech

Inside Edition spoke to Jancen Power’s mother about the college admissions scandal. More »

UPS sues operators of “United Pot Smokers” for TM infringement

by   |  04.19.19  |  Free Speech

United Parcel Service is suing the operators of a self-described ‘non-profit’ medical marijuana collective, “United Pot Smokers”, for infringing its trademarks. More »