Favorites from Richard

2 Commentsby   |  10.16.10  |  Photography Gruene, Fall 2010


  1. Richard
    12:25 am, 10.17.10

    These were iPhone shots to see what could be done.

    The last two aren’t wonderful, just attempts to see what the phone would do at night and with motion at the band hall (in the first a cowboy lighting a cigarette and in the second a shot of the band in the lower right corner).

    • Nil Santana
      4:16 pm, 10.17.10

      Richard, night shooting is always challenging due to the low light condition, but it’s great when you get a good one. I particularly like the photo with the water-tower in the background. The yellow-colored light bulb adds a nice contrasting tone to the purple color from stage lighting… and keep in mind that you can adjust the brightness of this image just a little bit so the elements don’t seem too disconnected. Great shot!

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