Billie’s Shots

10 Commentsby   |  10.18.10  |  Photography Gruene, Fall 2010

Not sure these are my best, but they are the ones I am posting. Critique me!


  1. Nil Santana
    8:29 pm, 10.18.10

    Hi Billie — very good images here. I like the play with words on those signs, as it takes some keen observation to compose the shot. I also think your wife’s portrait turned out very good. The soft light from the window provided a nice tone variation.

    Thanks for sticking your neck out, and showing some of your pictures. :)

    • Judy
      12:03 pm, 04.26.16

      Until I found this I thhougt I’d have to spend the day inside.

      8:12 pm, 04.28.16

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    • What a wonderful photograph this is Tricia! I love the wonderful textures on the horseshoe. Beautiful simplicity.Thank you so much for sharing at The Creative Exchange this week.Have a wonderful evening!lisa.

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