Brady Bryce iPhone – Bridges

1 Commentby   |  10.21.10  |  Photography Gruene, Fall 2010

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  1. Nil Santana
    8:49 am, 10.22.10

    I don’t mean to centralize the comments in this blog, but first, I want to make sure I have a chance to write some feedback for each of you; second, it is really hard for me to not say any word when I see a shot like this.

    Brady, I am sure you realized there were so many challenges in this picture: light reading, depth-of-field, where to focus; just to name a few. When I first saw this image, the structure of the bridge seemed to dominate the composition, but once I noticed the spiderweb and the person standing by the river in the background, I can’t move my eye from them. Again, it takes keen observation for such image to happen.

    Great shot!

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