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6 Commentsby   |  04.11.11  |  Photography Gruene, Spring 2011


  1. Nil
    8:30 pm, 04.11.11

    Nice work. You got great shots from the river series!

  2. Kyle Dickson
    12:02 am, 04.12.11

    So many great textures from metal–whether chrome, sheet metal, or trusty porch chairs. Your photos are almost tactile.

    I’d second Nil’s note about the river. Nice feeling of movement. . .

  3. Mike Wiggins
    9:34 pm, 04.12.11

    The river shot with the logs taking up the lower half is beautiful! I also love the wood chairs looking toward the doorway. It has a great vibe to it.

  4. Ginna Sadler
    10:53 pm, 04.12.11

    Good rushing water shots, one with little rocks and one with big logs. I also like the night shot with the two ladies.

  5. Donald Philip Simpson
    7:58 am, 04.13.11

    I am also taken by the water shots, as well as the shot right above them. The simplicity of similar colors and grain, yet making different shapes is great!

  6. Tracy Shilcutt
    2:28 pm, 04.14.11

    The photo of the turquoise chairs is my favorite. Inviting.

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