Houston’s Pics

7 Commentsby   |  04.11.11  |  Photography Gruene, Spring 2011


  1. Nil
    12:07 pm, 04.11.11

    Great images Houston! Also, it’s nice to see how a point-and-shoot camera can be as good as DSLRs in relation to composisition. They do not offer same resolution and controls, yet, they can just provide as good images as DSLRs.

  2. Donald Philip Simpson
    2:49 pm, 04.11.11

    Great shots! Hilary brought our point-and-shoot, but I think we only shot video with it. Need to use it more for photos…

  3. Kyle Dickson
    11:33 pm, 04.11.11

    In our second semester, I think I’m impressed with how many different looks the omnipresent water tower gives from different angles and times of day.

  4. Al Haley
    6:47 am, 04.12.11

    I really like the tilting mailboxes. The angle you found emphasizes the falling away. And there’s a soft, hushed emotion the black and white summons up–even for the outhouse in the forest, which is another immaculately composed shot. And, in the color realm, I have to mention the nighttime water tower with the red lens flares (did that just happen or did you use a creative camera filter?). It’s magazine worthy – a.h.

  5. Ginna Sadler
    11:00 pm, 04.12.11

    The one leaf on the parking grid is fun! Good perspective, also.

  6. Tracy Shilcutt
    2:26 pm, 04.14.11

    Houston, I spent a summer doing documentary work on outhouses (in Colorado). Your image caught my attention immediately. NICE!

  7. Houston Heflin
    9:46 pm, 04.14.11

    Al, I confess that the nighttime water tower shot with the red lens flare was taken with an iPhone and I have no idea how it happened. its not what I was expecting … But when I saw what had been captured I really liked it.

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