Autumn’s Behind the Scenes

2 Commentsby   |  04.12.11  |  Behind the Scenes, Photography Gruene, Spring 2011

Can you pick out who is in the long exposure one?


  1. Kyle Dickson
    8:17 am, 04.13.11

    Seems like Camille and Houston were talking with the group and Mike is in the foreground taking a picture. Haunting.

  2. Al Haley
    10:12 am, 04.13.11

    I like the table foreground inside Gruene Hall and that Oh! expression on Pauls’ face. In the last photo I admire the line from Bob M’s nose to his camera and how it roughly parallels the chair back you framed in the foreground. That’s good composition that pulls us in, makes us feel like we’re quietly spying on him (in a good way, of course!) – a.h.

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