Dwayne’s Pics

4 Commentsby   |  04.12.11  |  Photography Gruene, Spring 2011


  1. Nil
    10:31 pm, 04.12.11

    Nice work here, with a great variety of composition techniques. I also like your river series. The slow shutter speed is definitely a nice approach, as it creates contrast in sharpness between the trees and water.

  2. Ginna Sadler
    10:48 pm, 04.12.11

    Nice open shutter work on the rushing water. I also like the night shot with our tripod toting group.

  3. Al Haley
    6:45 am, 04.13.11

    I love the motorcycles multiplied. By choosing to go with B&W it emphasizes their common features and strengthens the viewer’s reaction of, “Look at all the Harleys!” It reminds me, too, of Nil’s Oxford parked bicycles shot, which I admired a lot. – a.h.

  4. Tracy Shilcutt
    2:33 pm, 04.14.11

    Dwayne I like the night shot–

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