Powers contribution

5 Commentsby   |  04.12.11  |  Photography Gruene, Spring 2011


  1. Ginna Sadler
    10:55 pm, 04.12.11

    I am drawn to the last one with the star and gable. The gable seems to be pointing up, up, and away.

  2. Donald Philip Simpson
    7:53 am, 04.13.11

    I like that one as well. Nicely done!

  3. Kyle Dickson
    8:20 am, 04.13.11

    The bumper sticker is great setting the others in context but I love the way you see a skewed picture of the world in the chrome.

  4. Nil
    8:22 am, 04.13.11

    I agree, I see the arrow pointing up. But I also think the first one has some interesting elements: reflection, bumper sticker.

  5. Tracy Shilcutt
    2:30 pm, 04.14.11

    I like the framing on all of these Tina.

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