Lightpainting at Fort Griffin

3 Commentsby   |  09.24.11  |  Lightpainting Fort Griffin, Spring 2011

This September we took a group of advanced photographers–and aspiring advanced photographers–out to Albany, Texas, to shoot the big sky. Nil Santana again worked to help participants get the most out of their cameras and find an original point of view. To see some of their work, see the Previous Workshops section in the sidebar.

Thanks so much to Tecia and to Sandra and Ben from the Learning Studio for their expert painting. The pictures I’ve seen so far are stunning.


  1. Suanna H. Davis
    8:35 am, 09.27.11

    Thank you so much to Nil and Kyle for this great experience. I am a total newbie, must have missed the advanced part, but learned a lot and had a lot of fun.

    • Nil Santana
      7:08 pm, 09.27.11

      Absolutely! A great way to end a hectic week. Thanks for joining us.

  2. Kyle Dickson
    7:43 pm, 09.27.11

    This is such a totally different skill set than the hundreds of pictures most people have taken in their lives. Just fun to break out of the routine and see how you could play with light.

    Really appreciated everyone striking out in faith to try something completely new.

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