Two more shots

2 Commentsby   |  09.27.11  |  Lightpainting Fort Griffin, Spring 2011


  1. Kyle Dickson
    12:01 am, 09.30.11

    Thanks again Nil for your selfless work with everyone. These events wouldn’t work without your encouragement and energy.

    Great shots. Love the two bright spots on the horizon with the chimney balanced in between.

    • Nil Santana
      5:42 pm, 10.02.11

      Thanks for all your time and effort putting this together, Kyle. I definitely have enjoyed the interaction with colleagues outside my area. And it is great to see what they can produce. There’s lots of talent in our campus.

      I was surprised to see the Milky Way in the shot. I guess it’s safe to say the lights you see on the horizon are from Albany, and Abilene on the right.

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