Bob’s light painting pics

3 Commentsby   |  09.28.11  |  Lightpainting Fort Griffin, Spring 2011

Thanks for a completely new photographic experience! These pics are: 1) unedited jpg’s 2) aren’t sufficiently bright for what we were trying to accomplish, but 3) do seem to say “Jack-o-Lantern” to me. Hey, it’s *almost*October :).


  1. Kyle Dickson
    11:00 am, 09.28.11

    The first shot is really striking. I think you’ll be surprised by some of the visual information that is in there once you get this into your software. Were you shooting RAW or JPEG?

    • bob
      3:04 pm, 09.29.11

      unfortunately jpg so I won’t be able to make any serious changes; I do have one non-PS program that will allow some tinkering …

  2. Nil Santana
    5:48 pm, 10.02.11

    Bob — you got the idea. You can try this other times.

    I like them. Your shots are more about hiding than revealing, that is also a great concept in photography. Keep me posted and let me see other shots if you ever try it again. Glad you could join us!

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