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  1. Kyle Dickson
    12:48 am, 10.24.11

    Love this tribute to the cameras that make it all possible. My dad said tonight that the first camera he ever bought was an Argus that captured our first family pictures from their wedding on, replaced soon by a Mamiya with removable lenses and slide film. I’ve owned many cameras but was thinking this weekend about the first digital cameras that grew up alongside my children–some of the first pictures of my son were taken on a Sony Mavica that saved 640×480 images to floppy disk.

    For all the ways that photography is about much more than just gear, cameras can become uniquely personal tools.

  2. Suanna H. Davis
    7:10 am, 10.24.11

    I thought of this photo collage as more about the process of shooting than the cameras we shot with. But that may be my lack of camera experience previously, as I shot my two weeks in Europe last summer with my iPhone and when I lived in Europe, I just bought post cards.

    I love the one of Les getting the shot from ON a fence.

    I like the picture of me too and often we don’t like those.

    Thanks for getting (and posting) such great shots.

  3. Suanna H. Davis
    7:16 am, 10.24.11

    Hey! Kyle’s not holding a camera in the group shot! That just seems wrong.

  4. Nil Santana
    9:58 am, 10.24.11

    I also like the fact that with digital photo not only I can immediately see the image on the LCD display, but also show to the person I am photographing, or share the image(s) with a friend after taking it. (Jack and Jill, George and Dora photos above).

  5. Lorraine
    8:17 pm, 10.24.11

    I enjoy how the group photo of us behind our cameras reminds us of the story behind the photo.

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