Places by Kenny Jones

3 Commentsby   |  03.06.12  |  Photography Gruene, Spring 2012

Now I can’t walk past an object without thinking about how I would frame it or if it needs middle focus depth of field. This academy really changes one’s perception and awareness of our visual media culture – thanks to Nil’s excellent examples/explanations and Kyle’s organization. The value of this weekend is hard to beat, all while getting out of our dept. silos and learning how to pass on visual awareness to our students.


  1. Kyle Dickson
    5:10 pm, 03.06.12

    Great weekend all the way around. Thanks to everyone for posting pics. I absolutely love the contrast of intertwining branches and architectural stability playing off of one another. Great images that focus our attention.

  2. dps
    5:54 pm, 03.06.12

    Great lines in these photos…

  3. Nil Santana
    8:59 pm, 03.06.12

    Very nice compositional elements, Kenny. The architectural details call for keen and observant eyes.

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