Nancy Jordan’s Photos at Gruene

16 Commentsby   |  04.18.13  |  Photography Gruene, Spring 2013


  1. Kyle Dickson
    11:50 pm, 04.21.13

    Really great detail shots from around town but the two portraits are my favorite. Creates a really nice thoughtful pose choosing not to look into the camera. Great choices.

  2. dps
    7:11 am, 04.22.13

    A really great job of capturing each subject in your frame!

  3. Kourtney
    9:58 am, 04.26.16

    Multumesc domnului Nic pentru promasionelisful de care a dat dovada in aces moment important din viata noastra.Datorita lui am avut un album foarte reusit si un banchet de neuitat.

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  13. auto insurance
    7:41 am, 09.14.16

    Juan, Juan, Juan, te estás transformando… una canción sin permiso del espectador… ummmm preciosa… pero no me cuadra… se puede poner en el slide para que sólo se escuche si se quiere… ummmm lo dicho que te nos transformas, jijiji

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    2:39 am, 11.25.16

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    1:44 am, 06.22.20

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