Perfectly-on-time photo entries

3 Commentsby   |  04.21.13  |  Photography Gruene, Spring 2013


  1. Kyle Dickson
    11:47 pm, 04.21.13

    Great photos all the way around. The Essence of Sirloin is a nice curiosity, but the night shot of the tree and tower and of the river reflections are really nice. Great use of existing light.

    • Mike Daugherity
      9:17 am, 04.22.13

      True that the Essence of Sirloin was what first caught my eye, but I’m more fascinated by the Civility (“good at all times for pert misses and airish youngsters”) and Centepercent (“good for oil-on-the-brain”).

      And then I over-processed it.

  2. dps
    7:09 am, 04.22.13

    Some really nice photos here. Great balance if light and composition.

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