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Most Digital Academy participants will post content to the blog once they get back to Abilene. This is a fairly straighforward procedure and should simplify how we use the blog during and after our sessions. Post by email also offers a simple way to contribute to the blog from a mobile device.

  1. Once you’ve chosen and edited your favorites, post them to the blog by sending a quick email to
  2. Our blog will only accept email from your ACU email address, so emails from Hotmail or Yahoo will not go through. (Spouses images are welcome but need to be sent from an ACU username.)
  3. Your email post may include web links or YouTube links in the text of the email as well as photos, documents, or media files as attachments.
*Once you get back to Abilene and have questions about using your own class blog, stop by the Learning Studio upstairs in the library.

Students on ACU Blogs

Here are a couple short videos we produced to make blog use and post by email easier for students and new users. DMC staff produced these tutorials and we would be happy to produce comparable material in the future to support other courses or needs.

ACU Blogs Intro for Students (3 min)

Post by Email for Students (2 min)

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