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Honors College students in Chapel

Honors College Chapel

What is the Honors College?

The Honors College enhances the ACU experience for high-achieving undergraduates. For its members, the Honors College offers stimulating courses, social events, small-group chapel, service opportunities, grants for travel and research, and other learning opportunities.

Students are enrolled in two Honors courses per semester, which replace standard general education requirements in their degree plans. They receive special advising and early registration so they can fit honors work into their degree plans efficiently. Honors College students work with exciting teachers. The Honors Colloquia expose students to interdisciplinary discussions not available anywhere else in the University. Honors contracts and the Capstone Project connect students with mentors in their own fields and prepare them for graduate work and careers. All these features help manifest the Honors College’s slogan: Great gifts, great responsibilities.

The mission of the ACU Honors College is to support the recruitment, retention, and nurture of gifted students by providing enhanced academic opportunities and to strengthen the academic culture of the University. The Honors College prepares students for lives of high professional achievement, integrity, and social engagement.


The National Collegiate Honors Council is the major organization for honors programs and honors colleges in the United States. The ACU Honors College draws from NCHC and its regional affiliate, the Great Plains Honors Council, for ideas on curriculum, programming, assessment, and long-range planning. We continually measure our program against others to be sure it adds value to your ACU education.

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