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Each semester, we offer a variety of 1-hour short-format Honors colloquia. These classes, taught by professors in every discipline, cover fun and engaging topics. Honors colloquia are typically very interactive and are often discussion-based experiences. Each Honors colloquium is limited to 15 students. All Honors students are required to complete two of these colloquia during their time at ACU to graduate with Honors. Students are eligible to register for these courses once they complete 30 hours.

The colloquium offered by the Honors College are opportunities for ACU professors to teach within their areas of research specialization as well as other areas of interest and engage with the University’s top undergraduate students in an intimate seminar setting. In November, the Honors College issues a call for colloquium proposals for the upcoming academic year.

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The Honors College only offers a few General Education sections of Honors courses. While these partnerships are vital, we do not offer enough sections to meet demand; thus, the Honors College accepts contracts for GenEd courses. Additionally, students continue to use contracts in their majors to design projects that facilitate deeper learning. Honors Contracts allow students to complete either an additional or replacement project related to the content of the specific course in order to earn Honors credit. 

  • The parameters of this contract are at the discretion of the professor of the course. 
  • Entering into an Honors Contract with a student for a course is entirely at the professor’s discretion.  Professors may decline a contract request if they so choose.
  • It is generally assumed that each contract should involve around 10 to 15 hours of work on behalf of the student.  

Some professors have a project in mind before the semester starts that will allow Honors students to earn Honors credit. Other professors rely on the interests and talents of the student to determine the project parameters. Both are legitimate options and are encouraged by the Honors College.

All Honors Contracts fall into two categories: non-mentored or mentored

Non-Mentored Contracts
The non-mentored contracts involve a project where the student is left to complete the project completely on their own. They turn in the finished project by the agreed-upon deadline. As the professor, you will determine if the project is worthy of earning Honors credit. Non-Mentored Contracts are not compensated. 

Mentored Contracts
The mentored projects require more significant investment on the part of the professor. In order to be considered a mentored contract by the Honors College, the professor should meet with the student at least three times during the semester to help guide the student through the project. Each of these meetings needs to have a clear objective in order for the student to understand what is expected of them by each point in the semester regarding the project.

Mentored Contract Compensation
As a token of our appreciation for the increased investment for a professor to do a mentored Honors Contract, the Honors College awards Professional Development funds for each mentored contract. These funds must be used within one year of their issue. The Honors College would like to help faculty become better teachers by offering PD funds for resources that develop their skills, knowledge, and expertise as a teacher at ACU. Faculty may use their PD fund vouchers to be reimbursed for any aspect of professional development, including conference expenses, teaching resources, iPhone/iPad equipment and software, and books.  The current rate of payment for mentored Honors Contracts are:

  • 1-3 students – $75 each
  • 4-12 students – $225 + $30 for each student
  • 13 + students – $525 flat rate

Once the student and professor have signed the Honors Contract, the Honors College reviews the details to ensure the academic standards of the Honors College are met, and the parameters of the project are communicated clearly between the student and the professor.

At the end of the semester, the Honors College will reach out to all professors involved in an Honors Contract to confirm whether or not the student completed the project to their satisfaction. The student will only be given Honors Credit for the course with the professor’s approval.

Contract process

The Honors College has transitioned to using electronic paperwork for all Honors Contracts, among other paperwork. 

Below is a description of how the Honors Contract process should go:

  1. Students interested in an Honors Contract for a course should approach the professor early in the semester and ask if the professor will agree to make an Honors Contract for the course. The professor may decline.
  2. If willing, the professor and student will need to determine the basic structure of the project. Two vital pieces of this discussion should include whether the Honors Contract will be mentored or non-mentored and the timeline for the project.
  3. Once these discussions have taken place, the student can fill out a Google Form through the Honors Linktree to request an Honors Contract for a specific course.
  4. The Honors College will then send the electronic paperwork to the professor first. Once the professor has filled in as much information as needed, they will digitally sign the Honors Contract.
  5. The student will then receive the Honors Contract, review the details, and add any other important information needed. The student will also digitally sign the Honors Contract.
  6. The Honors College will then review the Honors Contract. If acceptable, it will be digitally signed by both the Honors Coordinator and the Associate Dean of the Honors College. If any further clarification needs to be made in order to accept an Honors Contract, the Honors College will reach out directly to the student and/or professor.
  7. After everyone has signed the Honors Contract, an electronic copy will be sent to all parties.

Important Contract Deadlines

End of Week 3 – All Honors Contracts will need to be completed and signed by both student and professor.

End of Week 4 – The Honors College will send approval of all Honors Contracts submitted.

End of Week 5 – All Honors Contracts that have not been completed by the student or professor will be canceled.

The reason for these early deadlines is to ensure that the student understands the project parameters and has ample time to complete the project before the end of the semester.

*Due to the quick deadlines for Honors Contract, it is important that both student and professor watch their email for any correspondence regarding Honors Contracts.

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