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Honors at ACU

Welcome to the ACU Honors College!  I’m incredibly excited about the extraordinary students, faculty, and staff that make up our our College and I want you to know about the amazing experience that is Honors at ACU.  Our College represents the academic excellence that is characteristic of our University.  Students in the Honors College are gifted and eager for new academic challenges combined with spiritual growth.  Honors students at ACU are not only preparing to impact the world, they are actively doing so by bringing their academic gifts and pursuits together with their passion and calling for the sake of the world.  This is Honors at ACU and you can read about it here!

Our students CONNECT in meaningful intellectual and spiritual community.  They connect in worship, service, and numerous social events.  Honors students STUDY with outstanding professors in smaller Honors classes, creating a rich environment to go deeper and broader, not only in their respective fields of study, but also as they wrestle with the big questions and problems of the world.  Honors students produce RESEARCH of interest to the broader academic community, presenting at regional and national conferences.  They TRAVEL all over the world teaching English to children in Italy, Thailand, and China; or participating in prestigious global internships; or researching at leading universities and national laboratories. Honors students participate in unique Study Abroad Colloquia and in the Honors Study America Program.  Honors students ACHIEVE prestigious scholarships and fellowships and are awarded the best internships.  They have been admitted to study in the most elite graduate programs and have careers in law, software development, medicine, education, theatre, music, and even the FBI!

Let me invite you to take a few moments to explore the story of Honors at ACU.  Each of the links above will allow you to learn more.  You can meet the FACULTY who teach in the Honors College as well.  If you are interested in being part of a community of students who commit to active learning and to stretching themselves intellectually, please APPLYAnd if you’re an Honors College Alumn, take a moment to visit our ALUMNI page.  We would like to hear from you and stay connected.

It is an exciting time at ACU and in the Honors College.  Thank you for stopping by to check it out.

Dr. Jason Morris

Dean, The Honors College