Thirty-one students, faculty and special guests read from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on Halloween for Cover2Cover in the Reading Commons.

Associate professor in the Language and Literature Department, Debbie Williams, began the marathon reading at 10 a.m. while adjunct professor for Communication Sciences and Disorders, Cassandra Knutson, interpreted.  

Cover2Cover concluded with adjunct Language and Literature professor, Holly Dameron, reading the last chapter.

The most satisfying part of the event was the clear sense of joy from our readers and audience members,” observed Dr. Todd Womble.  “So many people came up to me during the event and described how reading the book brought back memories of their first reading as a child, or of reading the book to their young children. Harry Potter still resonates with so many of us on so many levels, and the book is one that will continue to be read into perpetuity. I’m thrilled that our Cover2Cover event was an avenue through which so many people on campus were able to re-find the special joy that is unique to reading literature.”

Pictured above:  Shan (Pamplin ’86) Martinez, Director of Technical Services