The Adobe Faculty Fellows grant program is part of an initiative to identify best practices for teaching and assessing creativity and creative digital skills through the use of Adobe Creative Cloud applications in courses across the curriculum. Participating faculty will receive a grant, funded by Adobe and the Office of the Provost, to alter an existing assignment or create a new assignment to incorporate the use of an Adobe Creative Cloud application.

The Innovation Foundry is pleased to announce six faculty from five different departments across the ACU campus that have been selected to participate in this program. The Spring 2020 Adobe Faculty Fellows are:

Dr. Dena Counts, Assistant Professor of Communication (COMM 430: Conflict Management)

Dr. Theresa Naldoza, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Department Chair (NURS 380: Research)

Dr. Marcia Straughn, Assistant Professor, Dean of the School of Nursing (NURS 380: Research)

Dr. Kendra Jernigan, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science (ENVR 430: Environmental Thought)

Dr. Brent Reeves, Associate Professor of Management Science and Computer Science, (IT 325: Web Application Development)

Dr. Kenneth Pybus, Associate Professor and Chair of the Dept. of Journalism and Mass Communications (JMC 342: Communication Design)

The Adobe Faculty Fellows and their students will receive support from the Innovation Foundry.