In the summer of 2021, ACU continued its partnership with Adobe to provide access to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of creative digital tools to all faculty, staff, and students. As a part of this renewal, ACU gained access to Adobe Stock, an expertly curated collection of millions of high-quality images, videos, artwork, and other digital assets.

In October 2021, the Adams Center partnered with Amos Gutierrez (‘19), ACU Adobe ambassador in the Innovation Foundry, Dr. Trey Shirley (‘04), college assistant professor of art and design, and Joyce Haley (‘04), assistant professor of journalism and mass communication, to host a faculty session, “Images for Equity” to discuss Adobe Stock and the process of choosing images that promote diversity.

The world around us is growing increasingly more diverse each year. It is essential to recognize, celebrate, and embrace our differences with the understanding that we are all created in the image of God. According to the ACU Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, approximately 39% of ACU’s student body is racially and ethnically diverse. As diversity increases throughout the ACU community, it becomes increasingly more important to promote diversity through representation. 

Photographs have the power to play a massive role in shaping how we see the world and the people around us. They can also be an effective way of giving representation to diverse people and groups, whether racially, ethnically, culturally, etc. Making deliberate choices to select inclusive images for presentations, lectures, course materials, promotional materials, or advertisements has become easier as more stock image providers build their collections to promote diversity.


ACU faculty, staff, and students can access Adobe Stock at Visit the Innovation Foundry’s blog to learn how to best practices for using Adobe Stock.