Out-of-the-Box Thinking and IRs

Today I was able to watch the “Saving the Cancelled Conference” webinar, and got to see how Boise State University is using their institutional repository creatively in this time of crisis. If you didn’t get a chance to watch, I’ll recap some of it here.

During the webinar, it was discussed how during any time of challenge, there is ample opportunity for innovation and growth. The past month has certainly been a challenge for all. With so many institutions moving to online-only courses, and with many conferences being cancelled, it was interesting to see how one school has taken this opportunity to try to salvage the research and information that could easily be lost (or at least postponed) during this time.

Boise State’s IR, ScholarWorks, is able to provide access to poster presentations and documents, image galleries, and native video streaming. They have already uploaded some posters in their Graduate Student Showcase collection – you can see one example here. They are encouraging faculty and staff to consider uploading any Powerpoint presentations, or even pre-recorded videos of their presentation, to the IR so people can still “attend” their event.

As with anything uploaded into an IR, they recommend being mindful of copyright restrictions and accessibility requirements (think closed captions for pre-recorded videos).

Have you seen any other examples of schools using their IRs creatively? Please share with us!