Omega Gamma, a tradition of service to our campus and community!

Since Omega Gamma was inaugurated in the campus of Abilene Christian University, Spanish Honor students have dedicated themselves to uphold the values de Sigma Delta Pi. Promoting Spanish language and cultures has been at the center of what we do, but service has also been a key element of our success. We have collaborated with International Rescue Committee, the Grace Museum, we have translated official documents for Texas PTA, Christian Homes of Abilene, ACU’s Speech Clinic, ACU’s Medical Clinic and just this semester we completed translation work for the Marriage and Family Institute. We have also honored the ACU Police, the ACU work-crew and the Abilene Fire Fighters as part of our campaign “Seamos amables unos con otros”…Let’s be kind to one another!

Una tradición de Omega Gamma en el Campus de ACU

Desde hace ya unos tres años, el Capítulo Omega Gamma de Abilene Christian University ha comenzado lo que ya se ha convertido en tradición: una foto oficial en La Escalera de Jacobo. Este es uno de los íconos en el paisaje de nuestro campus. Aquí publicamos algunas de esas fotos!

About three years ago, Omega Gamma, our Chapter of SDP here at Abilene Christian University, started a new tradition: a photo a Jacob’s Ladder. JL is one of the most iconic places on our campus…here are some of those photos.

Telemundo Interviews Members

Haley McNeese, the president of our Sigma Delta Pi chapter, and Brittany Jackson, the communications officer for the chapter, had the opportunity to talk with Abilene’s Telemundo station about the chapter’s success over the past three years.

In fall 2015, ACU’s SDP chapter was named the National Honor Chapter for the third year in a row out of more than 600 chapters in the country.

The chapter was recognized for its efforts to help translate documents for organizations around the Abilene community and its establishment of a Spanish literary journal on ACU’s campus.

Haley, a senior nursing major from Flowermound, and Brittany, a senior convergence journalism major from Mission Viejo, California, were asked to speak about the chapter’s success.

Both attributed the honor of receiving the award to Dr. Beatriz Walker, the advisor for our chapter.


SDP National Photo Contest

Sigma Delta Pi is now accepting submissions for its 5th annual Facebook Photo Contest.

Rules for the contest include:

–Photos must be posted on the honor society’s Facebook page by April 1.

–Captions of submissions must include “2016 SDP Photo Comp” and the name of the chapter.

–Must show name of “Sigma Delta Pi” and Society’s logo within the picture.

–Submissions must be a creative, original, entertaining and coherent reflection of the Society’s mission.

–Those submitting must be a current member of an active Sigma Delta Pi chapter. Submissions must be from individuals, not from chapter Facebook pages.

–Chapters are limited to two submissions.

First, second and third place winners will be announced in May.

Noche De Tapas

Omega Gamma organizes many activities to promote Spanish language and culture on ACU’s campus. One of our favorite activities is Noche de Tapas – a celebration of food, language and music.

Pictured here: ACU’s Provost Dr. Robert Rhodes addresses Omega Gamma members in perfect Spanish during Noche de Tapas.

National Honor Chapter of the Year

For its outstanding work of service in the community and at ACU, Sigma Delta Pi – Omega Gamma has earned its first national award: National Honor Chapter of the Year.

Along with valued partners like the International Rescue Committee, The ACU Speech Clinic, PTA Texas, Christian Homes of Abilene and The Grace Museum, Omega Gamma will continue to promote Spanish language and culture on campus and in the surrounding Abilene area.

2013-2014 Initiation Ceremony


Jessie Allen

On November 14, 2013, Sigma Delta Pi celebrated its birthday along with our own Omega Gamma President, Jessie Allen. It was a real honor to celebrate these two events together during our Fall Initiation Ceremony.

The event took place at the Campus Center. Our speaker was Dr. Ron Morgan, Chair of the Department of History, who presented in flawless Spanish! Dr. Morgan talked about the joy he experienced reading Iberia by James Michener, while he was learning Spanish as a young student.

On this occasion, we welcomed eight new members: Puneet Chahal, Itzell Gomez, Tiffany Sheffield, Jarred Baker, Katie Cranfill, Jeanette Devora, Daniel Archer and Richard Elmore.

We also announced the good news that had earned our first national award for the excellent activities and service to the campus of ACU and to the Abilene community provided by the members of Omega Gamma during the 2012-2013 school year.

Dr. Ron Morgan

Dr. Ron Morgan

At the same time we talked about all of our projects for the year 2013-2014. In October, we partnered with the Grace Museum to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with an evening of bi-lingual literature. It was a grand occasion at standing-room only!(see related page). Omega Gamma members also provided a venue for practicing Spanish for the elementary and intermediate Spanish classes at ACU, through “Una Noche de Español” a get together at the Inkwell (Chambers Hall). And last but not least, we are collaborating with the Texas Parent/Teacher Association, translating official documents to be used statewide.

While Dr. Walker would like to keep all honor students on campus forever, we always say good-bye to some as they graduate. This time we handed honor cords to Eric Dice and Daniel Archer who graduated in December.

Spanías Didagéi Proagomen
Prosigamos bajo la Inspiración de España


Dr. Ron Morgan with the new Omega Gamma members