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Kayla Holcomb (’17)

Computer Science

Hometown: Wichita Falls, Texas

ACU offers “a world of opportunities that I could never have imagined before coming here,” says Kayla Holcomb, a computer science major from Wichita Falls.

One of those opportunities was to conduct research on automated assessment tools alongside two of her professors in the School of Information Technology and Computing. The resulting paper was published by a national conference on computer science education.

Kayla also was selected for an internship next summer with insurance giant USAA, a company that has a strong track record for employing graduates of ACU’s College of Business Administration.

“I will be getting real-world job experience and working on projects right along with full-time employees,” she says. “This internship has the real potential to turn into a job after graduation, so now I have something to strive for and an idea of what I want to do after ACU.”

But what Kayla appreciates most about ACU, she says, is the way faith has been integrated into her education.

One of her professors said something in class that stuck with her ever since: “Computer science is founded upon creating things out of nothing. We build objects that before were nonexistent, and then suddenly, here they are.”

“It takes so much for us to do this, and yet God spoke a single phrase, and the universe was created with all of its intricate design on many different levels,” Kayla says. “Every time I successfully complete a project, I am reminded of His power and glory as well as the careful design He put into each one of us.”