Making in Context

These extra interview clips provide rich context for the programs featured in We Are Makers.

In the process of making the film, we captured hours of interviews with leading voices in maker-related fields. Each conversation yielded a wealth of insights for those interested in making in the context of STEM education, libraries, museum programming, design and the future of innovation.

While We Are Makers sets out to explore the values and commitments at the heart of the Maker Movement, the following excerpts offer invaluable context for developing maker programs in any community or on any campus. Enjoy.

Allan ChochinovSchool of Visual Arts, Core77

On the future of design in light of "wicked problems"

Dale DoughertyMake

On STEM education and the DIY spirit of libraries

David CarrSupermechanical

On Fab Labs at MIT and connecting everyday objects to the web

Eric SiegelNew York Hall of Science

On World Maker Faire and learning in a social environment

Randy HuntEtsy

On Etsy Labs and developing maker economies