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  1. Cole Bennett on 652:2012
    9:17 am, 11.19.12

    Be a cat. I could not agree more.

  2. Cole Bennett on 652:2012
    8:58 am, 11.11.12

    Hey, what a GREAT discussion thread going on here–I appreciate all your comments. I am surprised that some of you see the phrase “conversation of mankind” as melodramatic. Can we talk more about that later? I think Bruffee put it in quotes in his title because it’s an expression put forth before him, but even so, doesn’t it fit his argument?

    Jackie, you are inspirational: pipes for everyone starting this week. BYOT (tobacco).

    Rebecka, here’s a question for you: if we all sat and talked about cats for three hours (the more we talk about this, the more I want to do so), and all we did was recycle information that each of us brought in, would our language used to summarize and synthesize create new knowledge by virtue of having articulated it in certain ways? That is, while fur balls are STILL caused by too much self-grooming, we understand this process differently when we leave the room by virtue of having discussed it. Right?

    Elizabeth, nice job of bringing things together at the end. Were we to run a relay race, you’d be my choice for anchor.

  3. Cole Bennett on 652:2011
    8:13 am, 10.16.11

    Christina, I think Vygotsky would say that the concept of a thesis sentence that you help your clients discover in themselves is a concept constructed by society at some point first, then internalized by the writer. So, the collaboration undergone by you and the client may very well facilitate the rediscovery of what he or she knows already, but it was not invented originally except through external language.

    Make sense?