Families of San Bernardino shooting sue Facebook, Google, Twitter

by   |  05.04.17  |  Free Speech

Family members of three victims of the December 2015 shooting rampage in San Bernardino, California, have sued Facebook, Google and Twitter, claiming that the companies permitted Islamic State to flourish on social media. More »

Circuit Court Nominees In The Trump Administration: A Nationwide Round-Up | Above the Law

by   |  05.04.17  |  Supreme Court

Names, names, and more names, for federal judgeships around the country. More »

TABC Changes What it Means to Be a Beer | The Texas Tribune

by   |  05.04.17  |  Commercial Speech, Free Speech

This is an old story (2012), but I was reminded of it by a decision in Florida about whether a dairy couldn’t call its skim milk “skim milk” unless it added Vitamin A to the skim milk. More »

Will Lee v. Tam End The TTB’s Censorship of Beer Wine and Spirits Labels Found Obscene or Indecent?

by   |  05.04.17  |  Commercial Speech, Copyright and Trademark

As the US awaits a verdict in Lee v. Tam – a trademark dispute challenging a section of the trademark act (15 U.S.C. 1052(a)) refusing trademark registration for marks that are deemed immoral or sc… More »

The Eagles sue Hotel California

by   |  05.02.17  |  Copyright and Trademark

The Eagles have filed a lawsuit accusing the owners of a Mexico hotel of using the name “Hotel California,” arguably the band’s most famous song, without permission. In a complaint filed late Monday, the Eagles said owners of the 11-room Todos Santos hotel in Baja California Sur “ More »

Appeals court fast-tracks Montgomery County Open Meetings case

by   |  04.26.17  |  Open Government

The 9th Court of Appeals in Beaumont has accelerated an appeal by the state of Texas regarding a district court judge’s ruling that resulted in the dismissal of charges against two Montgomery County elected officials and a political consultant. With his ruling, Clapp, who was acting as visiting judge in the 221st state District Court in Montgomery County, dismissed charges of conspiring to circumvent the act against County Judge Craig Doyal, Precinct 2 Commissioner Charlie Riley and political consultant Marc Davenport. “In an accelerated appeal, (the court is) putting everyone on notice, ‘Look, we are speeding everything up,” said special prosecutor Chris Downey, who confirmed to The Courier April 19 that he filed a notice to appeal the ruling that a statute in the Texas Open Meetings Act is unconstitutional. Houston-based attorney Rusty Hardin, who is representing Doyal, had little to say Wednesdasy about the appeals court’s decision to expedite the case. More »

Legislation would limit release of 911 recordings

by   |  04.25.17  |  Open Government

A man whose family was killed in a flood says recordings cause needless suffering, but a lawmaker worries about unintended consequences. More »

Supreme Court Asked to Save Abbott and Costello “Who’s on First?” Copyright | Hollywood Reporter

by   |  04.25.17  |  Copyright and Trademark, Free Speech

Heirs to the comedic duo present a “critically important” question about a “new rule” robbing contributors to old movies of ownership rights. More »

Ninth Circuit: Tattoo Parlor Owner Has Standing to Bring First Amendment Claims | Rocky Mountain Sign Law Blog

by   |  04.25.17  |  Free Speech

Last week, the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a tattoo shop owner had standing to challenge Long Beach, California’s zoning regulations. More »

Teen Wears Prom Dress Honoring Trayvon Martin, Black Lives Matter| Essence.com

by   |  04.25.17  |  student speech

Milan Morris talks to us about her prom dress that features images of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, and more More »