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31 Commentsby   |  04.25.11  |  Choluteca, Honduras

I am so excited about spending this summer in Choluteca, Honduras, working with Mission Lazarus. I love how Mission Lazarus approaches their mission work holistically, meeting people’s physical and spiritual needs rather than using just words to reach the local people. I hope to be stretched spiritually and culturally this summer; the hardest challenges will teach me the greatest lessons for me to apply in my future ministry. I also hope to greatly improve my Spanish-speaking skills, as I have flirted with fluency and moved away from it a couple of times now. My greatest fear right now is preparation. I am happy that God has opened this door for me, but I know that I am starting the process of this internship with very little time left before the summer. I need to leave the spiritual and financial burdens at God’s feet everyday, and He will provide for me and prepare me to join in His mission in Choluteca this summer.