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Last Update

114 Commentsby   |  08.18.11  |  Salvador, Brazil

I’m sorry for not keeping this thing more up to date. I had an amazing trip and wonderful experience in Niteroi, Brazil! I tried to write a blog every week on this site I really appreciate everything Larry and Gary have done for me and my fellow students as a part of World Wide Witness! Thanks for everything!

Gary and Larry Are Really Cool!

45 Commentsby   |  04.20.11  |  Salvador, Brazil

As I look forward to my internship in Niteroi, I take a step back to think about how I got here in the first place. I take a lot of things into consideration like my upbringing, belief structure, passion for Brazil, and willingness to serve, but I think if it wasn’t for Gary’s persuasiveness and Larry’s persistence, I would probably be doing some unmoral internship involving yucky “business stuff” that COBA helped me get because I am in fact an Accounting/ Finance major. I do however have a Bible minor, and it is actually this Bible minor that keeps me associated with the Bible building and the WWW program (as well as working in the office 3 doors down from the dynamic duo). I can often hear a mix of Spanish and Thia down the hall when I am in my office. They really keep me busy though with all the case studies Larry has me write up for class and all the blogs Gary has me edit and revise. In between case studies, blogs, and spiritual disciplines, they also get me to read and pick out books for next years class. I’m really considering including “Mack & Leeann’s Guide to Short-Term Missions” and “TransforMission: Making Disciples through Short-Term Missions” in the syllabus for next year. These two are also known to persuade even the craziest business folk (like me) into spending their summer abroad (in Thailand in Larry’s case). I heard a rumor they almost got Tyler Sutton to come on one. I’ve have never been able to get Tyler to do anything I said, so I applaud them for that.

With all joking aside, I am very grateful for all the help and instruction these two have given me as well as everyone in the class. There was a time where I was not sure where, when, and how I was going to go anywhere this summer, but these two sent out multiple emails to multiple contacts looking for an internship for me. We are all very grateful to have them this semester as teachers! They have genuinely committed a lot of time and effort into this program and all the interns. I have learned very meaningful information in this preparation that I know will help me greatly in the future! I am really looking forward to putting what I have learned into action. Ya’ll have really done a great job, and if you ever need someone to talk in chapel like Laci Butler did last semester, Drew McConnell is the guy for the job! To conclude, I know for certain there are at least three very important things I can take away from this class. First, the Miami Heat have a dysfunctional team (too much offense). Second, the motion for “come” in Venezuela is a quick, backward wafting motion. And lastly, be extremely careful when opening ranch dressing packets on airplanes. If you aren’t, bad things happen.