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Jacob in Paris

Join us in welcoming Dr. Jacob Lollar (M.A.’13), Abilene Christian University’s latest postdoctoral scholar (postdoc). Jacob recently completed his doctoral work at Florida State University (FSU) and is now professionally conducting research at our university. He is working with the Center for the Study of Ancient Religious Texts (CSART), focusing on a Syriac translation of the spiritual classic, Ladder of Divine Ascent. CSART is working with manuscripts around the world, including one owned by the Museum of the Bible. Jacob is working closely with Dr. Jeff Childers and CSART students in hopes of bringing this unedited text to a wider public.

Jacob received an MA in New Testament from ACU in 2013. According to Jacob, “The GST helped shape my scholarship and my dedication to the Church. The MA in New Testament not only gave me a strong foundation for my future goals in academia, it also equipped me for service to the Church through teaching, preaching, and ministry. Without my MA in New Testament from the GST, I would not be where I am today.”

After Jacob graduated from ACU, he went directly to FSU where he graduated with a PhD in Religions of Western Antiquity. During his time with FSU, he was also a fellow for the Chateaubriand Fellowship in Humanities and Social Sciences in Paris, France. “Jacob distinguished himself as a fine scholar at FSU and in Paris,” says Childers. “His work with CSART really enhances our projects. In particular, he is helping us refine some of our online research tools so we can sustain worldwide academic collaborations.”

While Jacob’s main focus is Syriac, he is also proficient in a few other languages. Jacob is teaching elementary Greek courses to undergraduate Bible students at ACU. Jacob said, “I am excited to truly master these ancient languages now that I am getting to teach them. In the teaching role, I am forced to know the grammar and other concepts much better than the students”.

We are so glad Jacob and his family decided to make the move to Abilene and are excited to see the outcome of his work here at ACU and CSART.