Frequently Asked Questions

Using Adobe Creative Cloud at Abilene Christian University





Frequently Asked Questions

Who has access to Creative Cloud?

Students taking at least one ACU course per semester, and all ACU faculty and staff have access to Adobe Creative Cloud.

How long do I have access to Creative Cloud?

You’ll have access to Creative Cloud as long as you’re a registered ACU student, faculty or staff.

I am an adjunct professor, but only teach one semester each year. Will I lose access to Creative Cloud when I’m not teaching?

All adjunct faculty have access to Creative Cloud throughout the year. If you receive a notification stating that your CC access is going to expire, contact Your department chair will need to verify your adjunct status with the ACU Adobe Ambassador.

What happens if I take a semester off to do an internship or college program, but intend to enroll in classes the following semester? Do I lose access to Creative Cloud?

Unfortunately, only students that are currently enrolled are able to receive Adobe Creative Cloud at no cost. Your account will be reactivated when you are enrolled in and taking classes again.

After my access expires, what happens? Will my projects be lost?

You will receive an email notification to your ACU email address stating that your access will expire and that you will have until a certain date to download your assets from your Creative Cloud account or create a free Adobe account and migrate your assets using Adobe’s migration tool. 

Graduating seniors will be able to purchase a personal Creative Cloud account at a discounted rate for the first year after graduation.

What programs are offered in Adobe Creative Cloud?

See here for a complete list of programs.

How many licenses do I have with my access?

You have two licenses for each Creative Cloud app, so you can install each program on up to two devices.

You have two licenses for each Creative Cloud app. You can install each program on multiple devices, but can only be logged in to two devices simultaneously.

Logging in to the Creative Cloud on lab computers does not count towards your two-device limit.

I don’t have a lot of space on my computer. Do I need to download all of the programs in Creative Cloud?

No, you do not need to download all of the programs in Creative Cloud. Once you download the Creative Cloud Desktop Application and log in with your Adobe ID, you’ll be able to choose which programs you’d like to install from the Creative Cloud dashboard.

I have older versions of Adobe programs on my computer. Will I lose my saved projects if I download Creative Cloud?

No, downloading Creative Cloud will not erase any of your old versions of Adobe programs. Once you log in to your Adobe Creative Cloud account, you will see all versions of the Adobe programs that you have downloaded on that device, with the option to erase or update as needed. 

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