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Top-selling German newspaper says new online hate speech law must be scrapped

by   |  01.04.18  |  Europe, Free Speech, Internet speech

BERLIN (Reuters) – A new law meant to curtail hate speech on social media in Germany is stifling free speech and making martyrs out of anti-immigrant politicians whose posts are deleted, the top-selling Bild newspaper said on Thursday. More »

Judge issues ruling on Albany High online posting lawsuits

by   |  11.30.17  |  Free Speech, Internet speech, student speech

The lawsuits were filed on behalf of 10 students disciplined after the discovery of the Instagram account in March. More »

Victory! Court rules cheerleaders can paint Bible verse banners | Fox News

by   |  10.01.17  |  Free Speech, student speech

The Court of Appeals for the Ninth District Court of Texas ruled late Thursday in favor of the Kountze cheerleaders – declaring the inspirational Bible verses painted on run-through banners are private speech. More »

High school recalls yearbooks over student’s ‘build that wall’ quote

by   |  05.14.17  |  student speech

Richmond Early College High School is a predominantly white public school in Hamlet, North Carolina, with 214 students. More »

Teen Wears Prom Dress Honoring Trayvon Martin, Black Lives Matter|

by   |  04.25.17  |  student speech

Milan Morris talks to us about her prom dress that features images of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, and more More »

Supreme Court considers North Carolina law restricting Internet access by sex offenders | McClatchy DC

by   |  02.27.17  |  prior restraint

The Supreme Court on Monday hears oral argument in a case brought by Durham, N.C. resident Lester G. Packingham Jr. challenging a North Carolina law restricting Internet access by registered sex offenders. More »

UC Berkeley cancels right-wing provocateur’s talk amid violent protest

by   |  02.02.17  |  prior restraint

A protest at UC Berkeley over a scheduled appearance by right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos turned fiery and violent Wednesday night, prompting police to cancel the event and hustle the Breitbart News editor off campus. More »

Trump White House freezes information coming out of federal agencies, reports say | Dallas News

by   |  01.29.17  |  prior restraint

Source: Trump White House freezes information coming out of federal agencies, reports say | Donald Trump | Dallas News More »

Opinion | No, Madonna’s ‘I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House’ isn’t a threat of violence

by   |  01.21.17  |  political speech

More »

DJ fined for playing ‘F**k Tha Police’ while cops raided a bar

by   |  03.16.16  |  Censorship and Prior Restraint

A DJ has been charged with disorderly conduct for playing N.W.A.’s classic ‘F*ck tha Police’ while cops attempted to clear an overcrowded bar. More »